When should I schedule my drone services?

You can schedule for just about any time that’s on our available in our services; however, there are some ideal times to consider! If you want to get some fantastic videos with perfect lighting, consider sometime between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. During this time, the sun is beaming straight down, providing an overall exposure you may not get if you schedule sooner or later.

Can I schedule for drone services at night?

No, in the United States and Australia, it’s unlawful to fly your drone at night for commercial purposes, per FAA regulations, and CASA rules. This is enforced by most countries’ rules about flying within line-of-sight, as in Canada. So while you might be working at night on your worksite, save your drone surveying for the day, not only to follow aviation laws but to get a better survey.

Can I fly a drone during civil twilight?

Yes, but you probably shouldn’t. Some countries, like the US, allow commercial drones to be operated during civil twilight. Morning and evening civil twilight is defined explicitly by the FAA. Still, they mostly are the time between the sun being at six degrees above or below the horizon and fully setting or rising. In some cases, this could be the only time you can fly. However, we still recommend avoiding photogrammetric drone surveying during this time because such low light can adversely affect photo quality.

What type of weather issues should I look out for?

Always keep the weather forecast in mind, no matter the time
However, drone surveying during the day doesn’t exclude weather affecting your flight. Make sure to keep your eye on the weather forecast. Plan accordingly. Do not fly in rain, snow, high winds, or fog.

Flying during sunset or sunrise?

It’s all about the Golden Hours. Often you may not have a choice when you are going to film something, just because shoots are usually set up far in advance and have many unpredictable factors involved. However, if you do have a choice, by now, the best hours for cinematic drone imagery are the Golden Hours of the day at Sunrise and Sunset. The long shadows during the golden hour will help define terrains’ features.

It should also be noted that fewer people typically film at these times, so just by doing this one essential step, you are already helping to differentiate your drone footage.

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