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Drone Videography Services

Drone aerial video offers a unique perspective and affordability for film and productions. Drones can fly extremely low compared to full-scale helicopters and can capture theatrical video as a result. Our aerial video platform uses state-of-the-art stabilization gyros to give you smooth and beautiful videography. Clients can monitor the drone and see the live video feed from the ground. KAN Aerial uses precision machines, and we keep our aerial video drones in top condition.

We’re not just pilots, though; we’re drone videography experts with cinematography backgrounds! We have a variety of camera and resolution options. Our single-operator system (ideal for quick and straightforward jobs) is controlled by the pilot who uses the aircraft to pan the camera. Our higher-end dual-operator systems (suitable for larger or complex jobs) use a camera that a cameraman independently controls. The dual-op system gives greater control, stability, and versatility to allow the crew to get more creative shots.

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